Senior Info | Helpful Tips on Picking the Right College

One of my amazing 2013 Senior Reps, Becca, wrote a very informative article regarding the search for the college that fits you best. Check it out!

Searching for the right college can be scary and intimidating. Everybody has an opinion, one they are all more than happy to share. Popular opinion (of parents, grandparents, and peers) label some colleges “good” while others are “bad.” But what can such subjective diagnoses really say about a college? Who’s to decide what colleges are “good,” which are “bad,” and which are somewhere in between?

The truth is, every college has something to offer, just like every student has something different to offer their school. The trick is to find the college that matches the student – a perfect fit. Finding the right college means something different for everyone, but there is no reason that a student shouldn’t end up at a college that fits them.

The first thing to think about when searching for just the right school is finances. This sounds rather pessimistic, it’s true, but determining how much you and your family are willing to pay for school will save you heartbreak and stress later down the road. While money is important, there are many more, equally important factors in choosing a college.

Be sure to consider what activities or subjects you most enjoy. If you have a major in mind, look for schools that are well known for that particular major. If you do not know what you would like to study, look for schools with activities you enjoy. These activities could be anything from a music department to intramural sports opportunities to Greek life. Wherever you end up, it will most likely be important that you find some activities with like-minded students.

The most important thing to remember during a college search is that stress does not help. Filling out applications, and later on the FAFSA, can be stressful and mind-numbing, but college will come eventually. It’s also good to remind yourself that picking a college is neither the biggest nor the last decision you will ever make. There will be plenty of other decisions later on in life. So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy searching for the place that will be your home for at least the next four years.

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