I had the privilege of photographing the Executive Committee for the ZTA Sorority at the University of South Carolina for the third consecutive year! This go around the weather was not on our side…as soon as we arrived to the Horseshoe at USC it started to pour down rain! We thought it would pass the area in just a matter of minutes, so we decided to wait it out under shelter. The longer we waited the heavy the rain came down…and the wind picked up causing us to feel the rain under our shelter. Needless to say, we then decided it would be best if we reschedule our photo shoot when the weather was more pleasing. However, we didn’t want to waste the opportunity of the rain either since we were already there and we were already a little wet. I’m pretty sure no other sorority at USC can say they had their Executive Committee photos made in the rain. Check out the fun we had…stay tuned for the follow up photo shoot with ZTA!