2014 Senior Rep | Sally

I’ve been so blessed this year with an AMAZING group of Senior Reps! Each one of them has their own personality and uniqueness!  With that being said, I will be conducting interviews with my 2014 Senior Reps throughout the year and “spotlighting” them each week on the CHP blog. The lucky person chosen for this week is Miss Sally!

What High School do you attend?
Ben Lippen School

Are you planning on attending college after you graduate? If so, where do you want to go and what will your major be?
I am! I would love to attend Clemson University to study elementary education… But nothing is final!

After college what are your plans?
I’m hoping to get a Master’s degree in something (undecided). I’d like to eventually get married and have a family, but most of all, I want to follow God’s will for me.

How would you describe your fashion style?
J.Crew inspired preppy

Do you have any nicknames? If so, what’s the story behind it?
People call me Salbow. It’s short for Salbowpuppychow. It was given to me by my brother’s friend when I was a little tike.

Complete the sentence, “To me, God’s love is…”
sacrificial and the reason I have hope.

If you had to give a 10 minute speech in high school, what would it be about and WHY?
It would start out being about school spirit filled with “um’s”, heavy breathing, and awkward pauses. Public speaking isn’t really my thing. 10 minutes might be about 2 in reality.

Who is your hero and WHY?
My mother is absolutely my hero. She is the perfect example of a Godly mother and wife. I hope to be like her one day.

If you could go back in time for one day, what day would you choose and WHY?
I would go back to the day of the Taylor Swift RED concert. I love her. I’m obsessed and have a Pinterest board devoted just to her. Is that weird?

What is your least favorite food and WHY?
Asparagus. Yuck. It tastes like eating wood… Or just something bad.

Fill in the blank…what’s your favorite:
Bumper Sticker Slogan: “Pray for Kennedy”
Birthday Memory: Every single birthday with caramel cake
Unusual Food Combination: Vanilla Wafers dipped in water. I get a lot of grief for that one.
Book: Great Expectations

What do you like most about Craig Hewitt Photography and WHY?
I really like getting to meet new people from different schools and getting to promote such a cool business! I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

Thanks Salbow Sally for being YOU! You are an outstanding individual and a perfect fit for a CHP Senior Rep!

  • Teal Atkinson - April 11, 2014 - 11:22 AM


  • Brooke Rogers - April 17, 2014 - 10:57 AM

    Your pictures are so gorgeous! I love your dress! So glad we got the chance to be Senior Reps this year!

  • James Mason - April 17, 2014 - 11:57 PM

    Awesome pictures!!

  • Rebecca Radcliffe - April 18, 2014 - 8:36 PM

    Salllyy Mac Im so blessed to have known you since were were 3 years old and I cant believe were about to graduate. Your pictures are stunning. Love you!!

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